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Analytical Director takes part in Investment Forum in Penza

03 November, 2020

Smyslographia’s Director for analytics speaks at 4th Investment Forum in the Penza region.

The 4th Penza region’s Investment Forum took part on October 27 and 28, 2020.

The event was attended by representatives of federal and regional governments, and financial and investment organizations.

One of the features of this year’s forum was the panel discussion of investment indicators in the region. Speaking at the panel discussion, Smyslographia’s analytical director Grigory Kislin resented a report titled “Region’s Competitiveness in Terms of Basic Indicators: Example of Penza Region.” Mr. Kislin briefed those present on Smyslographia’s new product, a territorial competitiveness profile to measure and bring to light all advantages and disadvantages of Russian regions as seen by their population and external investors.

The survey contained a comparative review of the Penza region and two other regions of the Volga Federal District – the Ulyanovsk region and the Samara region. The review contained descriptions of Sura area’s key advantages, including the stable social and transport infrastructure and the high level of safety and security compared with average levels for Russia. It also highlighted the advantages of Penza’s closest rival, the Samara region, which constitute primarily in the wide span of the region’s market and high labor efficiency rates.

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Mr. Kislin’s lecture prompted huge interest of the audience and served a reason for an extensive debate over the plans of additional research to reveal the advantages of regions, which could eventually be presented to potential investors.

ITU Telecom World 2020. Day Four: Big data, big business: the reality of monetizing big data


University of London’s Prof Tim Unwin introduced a panel of ‘eccentrics’ to discuss the reality of monetizing big data. Marta Nagy-Rothengass, Head of Data Value Chain Unit in DG CONNECT for the European Commission shared the government perspective, joined by Alcatel-Lucent’s VP of Strategic Marketing Ric Clark and CEO and Founder of big data specialist, Mr Mathias Lundoe Nielsen. They agreed at once that opportunities exist but raw data is not dissimilar to crude oil. ‘It has a value of its own,” said Ric Clark, ‘but it’s how you define it that derives the benefit.”

Ms Nagy-Rothengass stressed that society depends on how we manage data and governments need to work across borders to overcome problems and use the data for good. By 2020 there will be 2.3 zegobytes of data going through the networks. To handle that will demand innovation. The serious shortage of data analysts could impede innovation as there are an estimated 500,000 data analyst roles to fill according to a recent EU study.

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Questioned about ownership but also about granular accuracy of big data, Ms Nagy-Rothengass made a point that not all data is private data. Most data is generated by machines, during production, business processes, or is Internet of Things data, and collected through environmental sensors. There is a need for a clear understanding, legislation and differentiation between data types.

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Mr Nielsen said that big data is being commoditized faster than we know and we can only get real value if we mine the data based on a prior knowledge of what we’re looking for. This applies to business use of big data or the use of big data for community programmes. “When we drill for oil we already know what we want to find,” he said. “Before we can monetise, we need to know what we want. The same is true when using big data for public benefit.” Mr Nielsen quoted Bill Gates saying that countries can’t improve what they can’t measure.

Questions from regulators, researchers, programmers, NGOs and consultants in the audience ranged from how to place a value on data and how to implement a big data eco-structure in a regulated environment. ‘We’ve got to go beyond measuring big data as the ‘value of an eyeball’ but I don’t believe there will ever be a standard value for data,” said Mr Clark.

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Moderator Unwin thanked the panel and the lively audience for their contributions. “There’s no point in coming to ITU Telecom World without going away and doing something different,” he said. “Use the wisdom you’ve heard and let’s work together to make profit but also to do good.”​

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